Oct 3, 2018

Wanted - Model 17 Handbook



I need a copy or even a scan of a manual for the 1913 Model 17 "36", can anyone help? Just embarking on recommissioning the car after many years of neglect.





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  • I have acquired an early Gray & Davis Type G1 Generator (Dynamo).   After diligently looking up old reference books, I have discovered that the "Type G-1" spec's list 6-1/2 V, 9 Amperes and 1000 RPM.  It took a bit of time, but apparently this generator (dynamo) was originally fitted to the 1913-1914 Chalmers, Models 17, 18 and 19.  My unit appears complete, but certainly needs cleaning and internal checking with a complete rebuild probably required.  It turns over quite easily, but still requires slightly more effort than ideal.  It's quite dirty and cob-webby.  Also, as can be seen in the photos, one of the four mounting feet needs some welding/fabrication.  Since I do not own a Chalmers, I'd like this to go to a Chalmers parts accumulator (aka "hoarder") or better yet to an owner of a Model 17, 18 or 19.  Hopefully it can be of immediate use or kept as a back-up unit.  Offered at USD$250, plus shipping or better yet, stop by my vending space at Hershey 2018 (I'll only bring it if somebody wants requests it now) at RED FIELD RWG 30-31, nr. Lamp Post #21. Steve Hammatt 2110 S 19th ST Mount Vernon WA 98274 USA 360-661-6060 (cell & text) http://www.leatherplates.com
  • For starters, those are just my leftover parts in the picture. I have several old water pump/magneto drive shafts. To say the least I'm a little leaky at present. Would anyone be interested in new driveshafts being made? If we can get alot of interest, that should bring the price down. Write me and let me know at prew62@icloud.com. I'll talk to my machinist, and see what he says. So far he has been reasonable and charges almost nothing for little jobs!