Jul 26, 2018

Welcome to pre '16s !


There are alot of us out there and I hope this becomes a place to share ideas. I noticed recently that a Chalmers '12 touring which sold recently at Bonhams', still has it's original rear entry sill plates. Mine are plain reproductions but it's good to know there is something out there to copy from.

Go to the Chalmers registry Garage to see photos of the car. Contact me through Contact Us or prew62@icloud.com

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  • Label plate found Metal Detecting. Chalmers Motor Company. Model M Car No. 18849. Made between 1911 and 1912 sometime. Looking to find out what Passenger touring car it came from as their was many example 2 or 3 Pass. , 4 or 5 Pass. , or 6 or 7 Pass. etc. And a picture of the car if possible that go’s With Label Plate. Bill Biden.
  • I am looking for any spare parts for my Chalmers.. Engine trans complete chassis or ??? What is out there? Jim Williams 801-694-9828
  • Recently got new rims for my 1911, and when putting them on the spare holders I realized I had no idea how they came off originally. Does anyone have a diagram as to how to tie the straps through the holders and around the spare? Thanks Prewitt Scripps