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Hugh Chalmers
The Man And His Car

is available
for sale
for $25.00 + $8.00 S&H.

To purchase please contact:
Prewitt Scripps
414 East Beverley St.
Staunton, VA
ph. (540) 255-8551


Roy D. Chapin


This book tells the history of Chapin from his years at Oldsmobile, through Chalmers-Detroit, Chalmers & Hudson motorcars. Very interesting reading chronicling how Chapin found the backing from E.R. Thomas to build the Thomas-Detroit automobiles, negotiated Hugh Chalmers becoming president of the company to form the Chalmers-Detroit co., while managing to start the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1909, only one year after helping launch the Chalmers-Detroit company.


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